About Us

Authentic Portuguese Cuisine

Our service is outstanding and our menu selections are incomparable!
Churrasqueira Grelha D’ouro specializes in authentic, traditional, Portuguese cuisine. We’ve been open for over eight years and are still going strong – a true testament to our delicious food and excellent service.

Specials & Delicious Menu

Food in Portugal is taken very seriously. Meals are long and leisurely and allow for the enjoyment of good company and cuisine which is based on a healthy Mediterranean diet. We invite you to tickle your taste buds with some of our delicious, homemade Portuguese cuisine, including:

  • BBQ & Rotisserie Chicken
  • Meat Dishes
  • Fish Dishes
  • Pasta
  • Seafood
  • Salads
  • & More!

Catering to children, adults, seniors, as well as students, we offer a variety of specials whether you are dining in, taking out, or need us to cater your next special event! From Tuesdays through Fridays, students can enjoy a special quarter chicken barbeque or rotisserie with two sides of your choice.



Churrasquiera Grelha D’Ouro B.B.Q. & Grill

For unforgettably authentic Mediterranean food in Brampton, look no further than Churrasqueira Grelha D’Ouro BBQ & Grill. Bringing you a taste of home you won’t soon forget, they have meals of all kinds that your friends and family are going to love. With an eye on authenticity, they’ve successfully brought the best parts of Portuguese cooking techniques home.

Churrasqueira Grelha D’Ouro BBQ & Grill exist not only in a take-out and dine-in format, they’re happy to cater your next big event. Whether it’s just celebrating with some friends or a large family reunion, Churrasqueira Grelha D’Ouro BBQ & Grill have the perfect menu for relaxing and enjoying some good company and some casual meals.

Churrasqueira Grelha D’Ouro BBQ & Grill have an extensive menu.  They offer all the traditional favourites from Portugal but also some favourites you will love. Come out and discover their large menu and try their rotisserie chicken, potatoes, rice, salad, buns, rubs and so much more. A lot of time, love and care goes into every piece of it so they want to make sure it’s all done right.

Churrasqueira Grelha D’Ouro BBQ & Grill goes a bit further when it comes to Portuguese restaurants. They respect the methods so much that they’ve made sure it’s as close as possible. They want people coming in and staying a bit longer with their close ones and savouring every last bite because that’s how it’s done in Portugal. It’s a unique dining experience you won’t soon forget.

Churrasqueira Grelha D’Ouro BBQ & Grill. They have a seat for you and would love for you to experience all they have to offer. Churrasqueira Grelha D’Ouro BBQ & Grill is located at 143 Clarence Street. Book a reservation by calling 905-463-1245. They’re closed Mondays and open Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M., Thursday through Saturday from 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. and Sundays from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M.